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Official E-TWOW Service of Europe

Dear Customers,

We are happy to inform you that our store is the Official European Service of E-TWOW.

We are welcome to help you from all over Europe if you have any questions about your E-TWOW electric scooter or you have to repair your beloved E-TWOW electric scooter.

If you have an E-TWOW electric scooter from a country where E-TWOW service is not available contact us. You can validate your warranty in our store or use our service after the warranty expires.

We have been the official E-TWOW dealer in Hungary since 2014 and now we cover the whole European Union with the brand E-TWOW as a service provider. We are here for you if you need any help or information about our products.

If you would like to use your warranty just write us an e-mail and after we answer send your electric scooter to us. We will repair your scooter in the shortest possible time and send back your scooter to the address that you provide. 

If your warranty is expired you send us an email with the problem of the scooter. We will contact you and send you a price tender. If you accept our offer and send us your scooter, we will repair your scooter in the shortest possible time and send back your E-TWOW electric scooter to the address that you provide. Please be aware of the cost of the shipment.  

Please complete this form if you have any problem with your scooter and would like to send the scooter for repairment to us.

If you need any parts for E-TWOW electric scooters in EU you can contact us by e-mail and order the parts.

Contact us in email at

Our shipping address and the location of our store/service is:

Country: Hungary

Postal code: 1095 

City: Budapest

Street/number: Lechner Ödön fasor 1.

Our phone number is +36 20 968 8349.


VAT-number (EU): HU21167625

Transfer to ROBOTFARM/E-TWOW Wise EUR :

IBAN: BE66 9670 5234 8943
! Mandatory comment !:   P17562624

We are here to help you!

E-TWOW Store&Service Hungary